TimberMAX Felling Head

Robust | High performance | Compact | Service Friendly

Professional tool designed and engineered to work in harsh environments, the Timbermax felling head can be used on a wide range of carriers. The head is robust, and its size makes possible to mount it on crane with extended reach. This reduces impact on soils and increasing the overall productivity.

Typical heavy duty heads are above 2,000 kg and become a handicap while working in the 20 – 60 cm tree size. The Timbermax is compact and ready for intensive harvesting in all conditions.

Equipped with the SUPERCUT 300, ¾” saw and the Rotobec continuous rotation, the Timbermax heads are heavy duty and compatible with 15–30-ton carriers. The grapple arm is cushioned for a smooth opening and all cylinders are heavy-duty and of the bolt-head type, for easier maintenance.

  • Cuting Capacity: up to 70 cm
  • Saw: SuperCUT 300
  • Chain: 11H ¾”
  • Rotator : Rotobec continuous
  • Max opening: up to 85 cm
  • Weight: 1140 kg – 1540 kg

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F65 F70 HD
Cutting capacity
65 cm 70 cm
Saw Bar
34 in 36 in
Saw motor
40 cc 40 cc (Option 60)
Saw unit
SuperCUT 300 SuperCUT 300
Chain Oil Capacity
16 l (4,2 US gal) 20 l (5,3 US gal)
Height to crane tip
1,700 mm 1,700 mm
1,140 kg 1,540 kg
Rotobec continuous rotation Rotobec continuous rotation
Maximum opening
70 cm (27,5in) 85 cm (33,4in)