HSM Forwarder

High performance—Flexible—Ground breaking

With the 208F model series, HSM offers forwarders from the 9-ton class up to the 20-ton class that can be customized according to the customer’s exact needs. Strong cranes, flexible bunks systems, tiltable crane pillars, bogie lifts, cable winches and much more are available directly from the manufacturer.

HSM is committed to offer economical, productive and soil-conserving forestry technology for state-of-the-art and sustainable forestry practices. Like no other manufacturer, HSM has, from the beginning, pursued its goal of developing machines with the widest tires and the smallest outer width to reduce ground pressure. Incredibly successful with the HSM Bigfoot product (940 mm wide tires, outer width 3.0 m), HSM has demonstrated, once more, its leading technology in the forestry domain with the development of the steep slope technology that preserves soil and environment. 

Gain critical advantages through a wide variety of custom solutions for your individual needs

  • Soil-conserving traction winch technology
  • Tiltable crane pillar
  • Bogie lift
  • Installation of felling unit or harvesting head and much more.

HSM also offers the most innovative solutions in the area of drive technology.

With the high-speed drive (HSD) you can drive up to 14 km/h on first gear while lowering operating costs with optimized efficiency. This combination of advanced drive technology with maximum comfort, ergonomics and reliability will result in the highest productivity and efficiency of your team.

  • Engine: 6 Cyl, 250 hp Tier 4i
  • Loading capacity (tons) : 9 - 11 – 15 - 20
  • Hydraulic: 360 l/min (95 US gal / min)
  • Weight (kg): 17,000 kg – 25,000kg
  • Crane reach: 7,5 m – 10 m (24 ft – 33ft)
  • Lifting Torque: 70 kNm – 173 kNm

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