HSM Crane Skidder

Robustly designed to fit in every type of forest

From HSM 805 to HSM 904ZL 6WD, HSM offers the perfect either 4 or 6-wheel crane skidder for every need. Designed for jobs like thinning to harvesting in deciduous forests and under difficult conditions, they are robustly designed with central oscillation and compact dimensions. Equipped with tires as wide as 940 mm and an outside dimension of less than 3 metres, the crane skidders will go where you want them to go. HSM offers a perfect selection of cranes with internal hoses which have outstanding stability due to their low centre of gravity.

  • State-of-the-art engine technology, high-performance hydraulics and innovative drive technology, such as the high-speed drive transmission (HSD)
  • Ergonomic Panorama Comfort Cab
  • Different front dozer blade—Tiltable, quick coupling, front loader, etc.
  • Single and Double drum winch (From 1x10-ton to 2 x 20-ton) with cable extractor
  • Up to 8 Hydraulic PTOs
  • All LED working lights
  • Strong Planetary NAF Axles

With the development of a new generation of 6-tire crane skidder (805 6WD and 904 6WD), HSM has again proved itself to be an innovative leader for the development of soil-conserving and productive logging technology. Equipped with various options (e.g. harvesting head, quick-change clamping workbench), this machine makes greater use and much more flexible use of the possible options, thus contributing to greater economic success for the operator

HSM Combination Machine

Versatility for optimal utilization

Whether long or short timber, the COMBI series from HSM opens all possibilities without any compromises. The one-of-a-kind concept with a quick-change system for bunks and clambunks, height-adjustable roll support, double-drum winches with up to 2 x 16-tons of pulling force, and much more, provides ideal usage options.

  • Engine: 6 Cyl, 250 hp Tier 4i
  • Loading capacity (tons): From 8 to 15
  • Hydraulic: 360 l/min (95 US gal / min)
  • Weight (kg): 12,500 kg – 18,000kg
  • Crane reach: 6 m – 10 m (24 ft – 33ft)
  • Lifting Torque: 70 kNm – 173 kNm

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